Client Success Story: Revolutionising Creator Economy Funding

In the ever-evolving world of financial technology, entrepreneurs continually seek innovative solutions to address the needs of borrowers and lenders alike. This case study explores the journey of Hugh, a visionary founder who partnered with Nigma to create a groundbreaking web-based Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for their creator economy lending platform.

Hugh, an ex-PWC corporate and deal strategist, identified a critical gap in the lending market: the need for a platform for the creator economy that could improve the speed of payments, improving cashflow for creator agencies and creators alike.
Hugh envisioned a web-based lending platform that would speed up payments and boost cashflow for influencer agencies, with their next day settlements guarantee, unlocking more opportunities for  business growth.


  • Limited technical expertise: Hugh lacked the technical knowledge to build the platform himself.
  • Resource constraints: As a startup founder, he faced budget limitations and a tight timeline.
  • Complex regulatory landscape: The lending industry is heavily regulated, posing compliance challenges.
  • User-centric design: The platform had to have a simple, user interface.

Choosing the Right Partner:

After securing the Feasibility Grant from Local Enterprise, Hugh embarked on a search for a software product development partner with expertise in building web applications and fintech. After thorough research, he selected Nigma, a reputable company known for its experience in building web applications with robust back-end systems, which came as a recommendation through a fintech-focused venture builder.

Key Steps in the Collaboration:

1. Requirement Gathering: Nigma conducted in-depth interviews and workshops with Hugh to understand his vision and the specific features he wanted to include within the MVP. They also delved into the legal and compliance requirements to ensure the platform would adhere to industry regulations.

2. MVP Definition: Working collaboratively, Hugh and Nigma Ltd defined the scope of the MVP, prioritising core features such as the ability to create campaigns with detailed information, customised operations portal, pdf upload and a dashboard for influencer agencies to track the status of their payments.  

3. Agile Development Process: The development team at Nigma Ltd adopted an agile methodology, breaking the project into smaller, manageable sprints. Regular meetings ensured that Hugh had real-time visibility into progress and could provide feedback as the platform evolved.

4. User-Centric Design: Nigma Ltd incorporated user-centric design principles, conducting usability tests and collecting feedback from potential users to fine-tune the platform's interface and functionality.

5. MVP Launch: After several months of development, the MVP was ready for launch. Hugh and Nigma Ltd collaborated on a comprehensive marketing and launch strategy, targeting early adopters and industry influencers.

Results and Impact:

  • The MVP received positive feedback from both influencer agencies and lending providers, highlighting its user-friendly design and efficient loan processing.
  • Within the first six months of launch, the platform facilitated over 100 campaigns for user’s, demonstrating its viability and market demand.
  • Hugh was able to use the MVP to attract additional funding from investors impressed with the platform's growth trajectory and user adoption.
  • Nigma continued to work with Hugh to add new features and enhancements, scaling the platform to meet growing demands.


Hugh’s journey as a founder, coupled with his strategic partnership with Nigma, demonstrates how collaboration with a software product development partner can turn a visionary idea into a thriving fintech platform. By prioritising user needs, adhering to compliance requirements, and leveraging agile development practices, Hugh successfully launched his web-based lending MVP for the creator economy, setting the stage for further growth and innovation.

Post Date - 2023/11/04