Local Enterprise: Feasibility Study Grant

Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) support new and existing enterprises, including limited companies, sole traders, cooperatives, and partnerships, with the aim of achieving commercial viability. Feasibility Study Grants support market research, sustainability assessments, and innovation through consulting, expertise hire, and prototype development.

  • Grant limits: S&E Region up to 50% of investment or €15,000, BMW Region up to 60% of investment or €15,000.
  • Eligible expenses: Market research, consultancy, technical development, salary, and miscellaneous costs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • For manufacturing or internationally traded services.
  • Business size: Up to 10 employees.
  • Commercial operations.
  • Registered and based within the Local Enterprise Office's geographic location.
  • Must demonstrate market demand.

Some key points regarding eligibility and priorities:

  1. Priorities: Priority is given to enterprises in manufacturing or internationally traded services that can become strong exporters and eventually join Enterprise Ireland's portfolio.
  2. Unique Tourism Services: Salary support can be extended to tourism projects targeting overseas visitors, provided they don't harm the local economy.
  3. Ineligible Businesses: Retail, personal services, professional services, and construction services are generally not supported, as they may not represent new economic activity.
  4. Factors Considered: Eligibility is influenced by the sector of operation, enterprise size, and past expenditure.
  5. Ineligibility: Businesses connected to Enterprise Ireland, IDA, or Údarás na Gaeltachta clients, as well as those in coal or steel sectors, are generally ineligible. Specific activities like gambling, adult entertainment, tobacco, and unauthorized cannabis-based products are also excluded.

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Post Date - 2023/11/05