Client Success Story: Fintech Startup Collaborates with Nigma to build an MVP

The Challenge

Inflverse, a Dublin-based fintech platform for creator agencies, engaged with Nigma in 2024 to develop a Minimum Viable Product. The goal was to bring their innovative concept to market, offering streamlined invoice management and advanced funding capabilities tailored for creator agencies.

Inflverse's platform addresses 2 critical needs for creator agencies:
1. invoice management: Enhanced tracking and control of invoices.
2. advanced funding: Flexible funding options to sustain and scale operations.

Prior to partnering with Nigma, Inflverse faced the following obstacles:
- Resource constraints: Budget limitations and tight timelines.
- Lack of technical strategy: No clear technical roadmap or strategy in place.
- User-centric design challenges: Not clear on how the platform could be designed to follow best-practice user experience principles.

The Solution

We began with an intensive Product Discovery Sprint, a four week collaborative process where we completed a product teardown of the business's pain-points and risks. The discovery, research, ideation and prototyping stages resulted in:
- a interactive prototype that was designed specifically to launch to a small number of customers, to further validate the concept.
- A high-level timeline of product development phases including key milestones, release dates, feature list, prioritisation criteria, dependency mapping, technical specifications, resource allocation plan and risk mitigation strategies to ensure a concrete plan of action was in place, for the road ahead.

From here, we then embarked on the full development of a completely bespoke system working collaboratively with the client and working in iterations to fine-tune each feature, optimising for time-to-market while ensuring a robust back-end system is put in place to future-proof, without having to worry about needing to rebuild.

The Result

Through this collaboration, Inflverse successfully launched their MVP, enabling creator agencies to manage their finances more effectively.
Key achievements included:
- Market Validation: Over 100 campaigns processed, demonstrating strong demand and user satisfaction.
- Investor attraction: successfully attracted investors and secured additional funding.

Hugh’s journey as a founder, coupled with his strategic partnership with Nigma, demonstrates how collaboration with a software product development partner can turn a visionary idea into a thriving fintech platform. By prioritising user needs and leveraging agile development practices, Hugh successfully launched his MVP for the creator economy. Follow his journey here

Post Date - 2023/11/04