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Case Study: Transforming Memorial Keepsakes for NI Funerals

Client NI Funerals Industry Funeral Services Project Memorial Keepsake Platform Development 1. The Challenge In an industry where tradition often overshadows innovation, NI Funerals, an award-winning funeral director, envisioned creating a platform akin to Moonpig for memorial keepsake products. This visionary project aimed to offer personalised, cherished mementos that would honour loved ones in a […]

Boosting Factory Efficiency: Real-Time Production Control Success Story

In their quest to propel operations into the future, our client faced the daunting challenge of enhancing visibility and efficiency across their factory floor. Determined to transform their production landscape, they partnered with Nigma, to build a cutting-edge solution that would deliver unparalleled insights and control. The client was grappling with several critical issues: To […]

Client Success Story: Fintech Startup Collaborates with Nigma to build an MVP

The Challenge Inflverse, a Dublin-based fintech platform for creator agencies, engaged with Nigma in 2024 to develop a Minimum Viable Product. The goal was to bring their innovative concept to market, offering streamlined invoice management and advanced funding capabilities tailored for creator agencies. Inflverse's platform addresses 2 critical needs for creator agencies:1. invoice management: Enhanced […]