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Client Success Story: Real-time Overview of Factory Floor and 50% Paper Reduction

A family-owned manufacturing firm recognised the need for a digital transformation to propel their operations into the future. Faced with the challenge of enhancing visibility and efficiency across their factory floor, the firm took a strategic leap by partnering with Nigma, a dedicated product development firm to build a solution that would provide unprecedented insights […]

Digital Transformation Flexible Fund

The Digital Transformation Flexible Fund (DTFF) is a grant scheme in Northern Ireland designed to boost digital innovation among small and micro businesses by overcoming financial barriers. It provides up to £7.5 million for investing in advanced digital technologies and capital equipment. This fund focuses on driving business transformation through innovation rather than simply digitizing […]

Techstart: 10K Concept Grant

The Techstart Proof of Concept Grant Fund offers pre-commercial grants to entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland. These grants aim to help innovators assess the viability and commercial potential of their innovative ideas. The fund is managed by Techstart Ventures LLP and is part of a broader program that includes equity investments, grants, and advice for innovative […]

Local Enterprise: Feasibility Study Grant

Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) support new and existing enterprises, including limited companies, sole traders, cooperatives, and partnerships, with the aim of achieving commercial viability. Feasibility Study Grants support market research, sustainability assessments, and innovation through consulting, expertise hire, and prototype development. Eligibility Criteria Some key points regarding eligibility and priorities: Find out more information here

Client Success Story: Revolutionising Creator Economy Funding

In the ever-evolving world of financial technology, entrepreneurs continually seek innovative solutions to address the needs of borrowers and lenders alike. This case study explores the journey of Hugh, a visionary founder who partnered with Nigma to create a groundbreaking web-based Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for their creator economy lending platform. Hugh, an ex-PWC corporate […]